Friday, March 8, 2013

The journey of friendships through decades

When for that little moment you forget your history and where you came from

And Never have I seen my life mirrored so, than in a few specific individuals who keep popping up in my life, no matter the paths we've chosen.

It started with 4 Muslims students chosen to attend a private schooled. To clever for our own good and  too driven for poverty.

What started at the age of 10 back in 1991 and traversed many many roads. Where our history and our demons have haunted us through our angsty teens and questionable 20's.

We seemed to have found our way in the end, our 30th's celebrated quietly with email conversations between us.

Will it surprise you that even though we were chosen to get a better education, all of us eventually left  the 1st world educational institution that tried to show us to live beyond colour, race and our humble beginnings. There were no lecturers and role models available for us back then, to show us how to intergrate our religion and the rest of our lives. We stumbled, messed up and made some BIG mistakes and we were ok.

In the end of those of us, one has become a stoic Wahhabi (who no longer wants our association, a unlabelled Muslim, a devout Christian and light bringing Buddhist who has dabbled through many faiths to find God. But its not the label that makes us Phenomenal,Its the journey we took to get there.
 Its good to know we found our peace with ourselves and God.

And when we sit and talk now, about the challenges and old friends, and new mistakes I am lucky to have had such a phenomenal relationship span my entire life. And we still are the same people we were back then - a little more laid back and loads more affable. I am blessed to have been surrounded by them and although we weren't always present at the time our difficult patches. I am elated to have celebrated the overcoming of every obstacle and every new beginning.

My ladies - you know WHO you are.

Thank you for sharing an exceptional journey with me.

Friday, March 1, 2013