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On Nazir Alli's Resignation from SANRAL

This parody is based on the Aladin Song:
Sing along to : 

Nazir Ali! Fabulous he! Alli from SANRAL reflect, show some respect Down on one knee! Now, try your best to stay calm His tolls went up without alarm Then come and meet his spectacular coterie Nazir Ali! The Tzar of tar! Alli from SANRAL Clever as ten government men, definitely! He faced the galloping hordes A hundred motorists with swords Who sent those goons to their lords? Why, Nazir Ali Nazir Ali!Handsome is he,

Alli from SANRAL That physique! How can I speak Weak at the knee Well, get on out in that square & Toyi Toyi The Joburg CBD we'll destroy To gawk and grovel and stare at Nazir Ali! Nazir Ali! Amorous he! Alli from SANRAL Your resignation was a sight lovely to see And that, good people, is why, he got dolled up and dropped by With sixty tolls, fees galore Packed up: his bears and lions A brass band and more his forty fakirs, his cooks, his bakers His birds that warble on key Please wave to Nazir Ali!