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The squeaky wheel gets the attention first.

People I don't like are those with influence who can sweep in social change, and choose instead to cause dissent by creating an "Us and Them"

Malema went to Thembilihle which is a settlement close to Lenz. But Im not sure if I deserved to be surprised when he sticks to the above formula above. Except ofcourse the US - is now residents of the informal settlement  and Them is played by the amaKula ( Derivative term for indian people, basically implying coolie)

While channeling his supposed Che Guevarra vibe while donning a beret. While I do believe local photogrpahers get a kick out of taking the worst photos of the man, I can't help but chuckle and say to them, let his words and actions do that.

Now Julius always operated with this M.O and ofcourse the US and Them changes according to the crowd and situation. Us - the youth of today.Them - the backward thinking leaders
Us black people - Them every one else.

Then he sings Dibhulu Ibunu but to ensure he doesn't offe…

I can't do this anymore

I realise now in retrospection, that I have been to free with my friendship, my loyalty and my time.Giving it away without a single thought on wether those people deserve my efforts.
I know now, that because I am so different from the people and friendships I keep. That when the going gets tough, I get cut, hurt, bruised, not believed even worse become the accused.
I am the reason things fall apart, I ruin lives and I am at fault. Don't mistake me, I am not-worthy most days of some of the friends I keep, and that I am without a doubt the most flawed in the bunch. Maybe it's my upbringing, maybe the lack of education that makes me trust people completely, or that I don't question wether they believe me or stand up for me when I am not around.
I have been burned, I have been scarred and every time I aspire higher than my station in life. I am hurt or believed that I am not one of the collective.
The realisation today is that I never was part of the group and I am a groupie and w…


I don't understand it or not even sure where to begin but since my birthday 3 weeks ago I have craved grapes. Fresh off the bunch, in a glass, from a can. I don't care as long as I get grapes into my system.

I dont even know if it's healthy or unhealthy. I have managed to contain this unnatural tendencies to woolies 100% hanepoort and grapetiser and ACTUAL grapes.

What the hell is wrong with me? All I think about is grapes.

THEN I googled grape cravings and I almost(ALMOST!) feel the exact same:

Suffice to say I am NOT normal, but I am not alone