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I can't do this anymore

I realise now in retrospection, that I have been to free with my friendship, my loyalty and my time.
Giving it away without a single thought on wether those people deserve my efforts.

I know now, that because I am so different from the people and friendships I keep. That when the going gets tough, I get cut, hurt, bruised, not believed even worse become the accused.

I am the reason things fall apart, I ruin lives and I am at fault. Don't mistake me, I am not-worthy most days of some of the friends I keep, and that I am without a doubt the most flawed in the bunch. Maybe it's my upbringing, maybe the lack of education that makes me trust people completely, or that I don't question wether they believe me or stand up for me when I am not around.

I have been burned, I have been scarred and every time I aspire higher than my station in life. I am hurt or believed that I am not one of the collective.

The realisation today is that I never was part of the group and I am a groupie and worse is the realisation that I am treated like one.

I maligned a good friend who has faults as big as mine, and she has my back and supports me even at the worst of times. I am done making the effort to be with them, to socialise or call them. Because of things that have transpired, they now have to earn the right to be called a friend. They have to put in the effort, because I will not.

I can't be that girl anymore, that friend you only see when your regulars let you down and you need a quick hug, an encouragment or a willing ear. Rather be real with me about my faults, then play it down in my presence and talk about how I enraged you, when I don't pass your tests, or don't give the right response required.

I will always question everyone from now onwards, who I choose to call friend.
Because I am worth more, than what my friends have given me.


sham said…
so strange you post this today. I had a similar talk with one of my other buddies. Life throws CheapChineseRipoff friends your way to make you treasure you real friends more.

To quote him 'f*ck people who dont give a f*ck
for every wanker there is at least two people who care for you
so the odds are in your favour'

Here's to quality friendships!
M Irfaan said…
social sobriety is the worst of consciousnesses, because it only takes a little prodding to realise that people and peopling are vastly complicated, and our understanding of them and it is like a a single fleck of glitter in a strip club on a friday night.

Every person, every "friend" (airquotes or otherwise) will always be differently. It's a fundamental injustice to lump people together and say "these are my good friends", not because they're not good friends, but because the way in which we interrogate and discriminate *why* we think they are so, is a clutch of emotion and intuition, which we try to rationalise with fuzzy descriptions "kind", "compassionate", "hunky".

Which sounds like I'm arguing for not rationalising and de-purposing how we view friends, and I am, but wait!

It's good to haul yourself out and inspect how you interact with people? When are you a user and when an abuser? what do you try to achieve when you interact with them? what's in the realm of your publically-available self, and what becomes private and personal?

But there's an enormous space for an honesty of feeling - but - and the caveat seems dishumane, where we recognise that feeling honestly means that we expose and embrace our inner arsehole.

Because, and all of this is entirely my view, when we embrace that every friend in our life is different, and deserves distinction, then it follows that they should not all be treated the same. That in our deepest most honest selves, we are not so inhumane to love all people the same.

Justice is fair. Love is not. Colleaguing is fair. Friendship is not.

Or, you know, whatever.
Aasia said…
Sham your a friend a yoda must be.

Yes @irfaan all friends are not created equal. And not every person I meet should be termed friend. And even less if I don't know them. I hope and believe that I chose my friends by what I can learn from them or for them to show me a better way.

But you know, whatever.

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