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What is wrong with people

I dont understand how you can justify it explain it Blame it make it about someone else.
You wont take responsibility create empathy educate you self!
Even you "friends" Take responsibility for your life

Even me. I need to not justify make excuses for you if you're a bad friend. I have to give you up like a bad habit smoking thinking better of you  when you wont afford me the same courteousy.
Taking my hero-complex and need to be there for you and hiding it in a bat cave
because Gotham doesn't need me.

Monday Moan

I am angry at the world [again it seems]
But to be honest, many things have been upsetting me.

1.) Muslims

I cannot say this enough, being muslim does not make you a better person.
Fact: You can be muslim and an arsehole at the same time.
I believe the way you treat people when no one is watching shows your character.
I see you!

2.) Coloureds who play the stereotype

Mofo's listen closely now. IF you want to party, by all means do it. BUT understand that when you party in a residential area around 1am is when i expect you to turn yo shit down.
Otherwise I am going to go jihadi on your arse!
I am tired of people not respecting themselves and carrying on like animals because its weekend.

3.) Property websites

For not accepting my offer to purchase on a house in CT.

4.) Women

For stabbing each other in the back, for accepting less than your worth.
For being an arsehole and not listening to your friends.
For being careless bitches. With your self and your self respect.

Fuck it!


Is it true

So what now?
I dunno

What happened now?
Just another day

Oh were you going to wear that? And leave the house?
Yes why?
Oh nothing....

You know its true right
Yup, Probably

But do you like him?
Yes, a LOT

And him?
He likes himself I guess.

Did you organise the movers?

Did you get the bed?

Why are you still friends with them?
Because, well, not sure

You're so funny!

Do you ever get sad?
Yes, I have timeshare there

What does it all mean.
No idea

Is he ok now?
Seems that way, comes home soon

Whats happening on Lebaran?
Uhm, well I have to make dessert.
Where can I get meringue?

The Dog hair is everywhere.

Lets go swim


Talking to God

In the absolute quiet that surrounds me
my grief crippling me
Speaking to God in urgent whispers
and panicked breathing

Pleading for a sign
For a moment
when it wouldn't hurt

and then you called.

The realisation that when talking to God
he listened.

All about Mia

On the 18th of September just after one I got the call. THAT call to say Cancer claimed my friend.
I rushed to Donald Gordon and held my other sisters as we wept for her.

Why we wept I am not sure, the fact that a heart attack claimed her, that it was too soon, that she was no longer in pain? Maybe for them all.

I thought about her beautiful kids she left behind and the enormous responsibility for us to love them, to remind them and to protect them.

I was sad that she would never see Cape Town again, the one place we both wanted to move to. But thats where her ashes will be scattered.

But I didn't write this post to mourn her, instead I want to tell you about the woman she was, and her lessons she taught me.

Grace - no matter the hate, the anger  or the hurdles. She taught me to carry myself with grace, not because of how other people are. Because it was how I should carry myself.

Zen -  She taught me about not sweating the small stuff and how to be at Peace with myself and my choic…