Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Moan

I am angry at the world [again it seems]
But to be honest, many things have been upsetting me.

1.) Muslims

I cannot say this enough, being muslim does not make you a better person.
Fact: You can be muslim and an arsehole at the same time.
I believe the way you treat people when no one is watching shows your character.
I see you!

2.) Coloureds who play the stereotype

Mofo's listen closely now. IF you want to party, by all means do it. BUT understand that when you party in a residential area around 1am is when i expect you to turn yo shit down.
Otherwise I am going to go jihadi on your arse!
I am tired of people not respecting themselves and carrying on like animals because its weekend.

3.) Property websites

For not accepting my offer to purchase on a house in CT.

4.) Women

For stabbing each other in the back, for accepting less than your worth.
For being an arsehole and not listening to your friends.
For being careless bitches. With your self and your self respect.

Fuck it!

1 comment:

Azra said...

I should start a "I hate everyone" page on Facebook. No seriously. I feel the same most days.