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All about Mia

On the 18th of September just after one I got the call. THAT call to say Cancer claimed my friend.
I rushed to Donald Gordon and held my other sisters as we wept for her.

Why we wept I am not sure, the fact that a heart attack claimed her, that it was too soon, that she was no longer in pain? Maybe for them all.

I thought about her beautiful kids she left behind and the enormous responsibility for us to love them, to remind them and to protect them.

I was sad that she would never see Cape Town again, the one place we both wanted to move to. But thats where her ashes will be scattered.

But I didn't write this post to mourn her, instead I want to tell you about the woman she was, and her lessons she taught me.

Grace - no matter the hate, the anger  or the hurdles. She taught me to carry myself with grace, not because of how other people are. Because it was how I should carry myself.

Zen -  She taught me about not sweating the small stuff and how to be at Peace with myself and my choices. I did the best I could with every decision I made.

Forgiveness -  No matter how many times the world has screwed you over forgive it anyway. Grudges and hate make you ill. And when you forgive, you give your self permission to move on.

Love -  With everything you have, and love everyone you want to. Freely given without expectation of recripocation

Laugh -  Find the humour in lifes tragedies. Rinse and Repeat.

Mia gave me two new sisters, Martha and Bronwin who I cannot help but love. They embody the lessons Mia gave me. And with all of us together going through the last 2 months. A bond that isn't easily broken. They went back to Cape Town and left with a piece of me.

RIP my beautiful friend, nothing can hurt you now.


Nafisa said…
Beautiful post, Aasia.
Azra said…
Really sorry to hear about your friend. I often think that the amazing people pass on too soon... almost as if The Almighty knows that they're too good to be stuck on earth. And it's often those people who leave the biggest imprints on our lives.

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