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New years and the bombs

you reduce my life to a #hashtag on a social site
you bring a cannon to a gun fight

I will not hate you, someone has to break the cycle of violence.

For all the kids in Palestine and Israel, I will pray for your safety this day.
I will pray for your understanding and for your tolerance.

Hate begets hate. I will not hate

Happy 1434


dreamlife said…
Lovely message. I was watching it on the news earlier, and saw the very odd (for me) site of Israeli civilians running and hiding in shelters. My instinctive reaction was one of this being justice - as if 'now they get a taste'. But it's the wrong attitude completely - because we shouldn't want others to suffer or even feel discomfort like that - based on the crimes their government commits, and the imbalanced reporting of the media which usually tells a very skewed story.

On the human level, i absolutely agree that hate should be eradicated and things would be better if everyone just let go of the hate.

But being realistic, i don't believe there will be peace. There can never be peace when an oppressor has a constant free reign to do what he wants, while the oppressed is painted as the instigator and troublemaker causing the problems.

There will be no peace until justice prevails. And we don't really live in a world of justice in these times, do we?
Aasia said…
At the end of the day, a child is a child. Although I dont believe we live in a just world. But I refuse to become a victim of hate.

Regardless of the force used. Both sides are endangering lives. Until I can figure it out. I will focus on local issues.
Because we tend to ignore those.
Azra said…
Had two problems with this issue:

1. The people posting Hail Hitler posters on social media sites. Hitler was not a hero.

2. People (specifically SA Muslims) making this a religious matter. It is no more about religion than Apartheid was.

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