Monday, November 5, 2012

African Justice for an African Nation

Zuma's "african way" remarks sparks concern.

This story about Prez Zuma
"The Centre for Constitutional Rights expressed concern over President Jacob Zuma's reported comments that the justice system was "the white man's way" for solving "African problems".

I might not be the man's greatest fan at the best of times, but I think Prez Zuma has a point.
If we as a people conduct ourselves using tradition and our culture as the reference to how we live, why on earth would any justice system work for us?

Many might disagree with it, hoever we only have to look at honour killings and child marriages in Islam (Here I am talking about the UK)
Entire communities hush up when police officers enter the area with whispers of abuse happen. But no one will out the abuser at all.

I see it in the coloured communities as well, although I still call the police when I witness doemstic abuse, battered wives wont file charges. Under-age drinking, is seen as "ag hy is net stout"
Loads of drivers as buy their drivers licence. 

We might not like the fact that Pres. Zuma has a point, but we ahve to accept that we live the reality.
People's blatant disregard for the law is shown in our Crime Stats. If people dont believe the justice system works for them, they will do nothing to uphold the law.

Active citizenry might not always be the case, but most people I know try to be better citizens.
But if you are too high up in the middle class and lose sight and understanding fo the working class. That puts you in a small minority. 

Dont tell me about faster internet. and the right to information, when in fact I would like to see better education and sex education. Empowerment for women as well.

Point is, its obviously not working, so why are we fighting to keep it?

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