Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Is it true

So what now?
I dunno

What happened now?
Just another day

Oh were you going to wear that? And leave the house?
Yes why?
Oh nothing....

You know its true right
Yup, Probably

But do you like him?
Yes, a LOT

And him?
He likes himself I guess.

Did you organise the movers?

Did you get the bed?

Why are you still friends with them?
Because, well, not sure

You're so funny!

Do you ever get sad?
Yes, I have timeshare there

What does it all mean.
No idea

Is he ok now?
Seems that way, comes home soon

Whats happening on Lebaran?
Uhm, well I have to make dessert.
Where can I get meringue?

The Dog hair is everywhere.

Lets go swim


1 comment:

Azra said...

Let no one fool you. We all have timeshares. Some just don't reveal the location of theirs.