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Talking Snack!

I was so excited that Sham was finally coming to Joburg and thought the best way to tell the story was the way I remembered it, through the food we planned to eat, did eat and wanted to eat but were too full!

Before you go any further, if you don't know who Sham is, you can fuck right off at this point. Because you should have clicked at the link above, saw her stuff and then kick yerself for not meeting her. and then proceed to read the rest of this blog in emerald shade of jealous green.

T-3 days till #shaminjhb happened, I offered my services for the day to show them around. We knew it was a limited time frame because of the time they were coming in and also a braai that night, had to be prepped for.

So we spoke about food, because well, food moves me. Decided we have to get samoosas for our walk about in the CBD, yes nay-saying joburgers the actual CBD.

But first the samoosa's, "World of Samoosas " in the plaza was the only place one should ever buy samoosas from oh and their butter chicken. Sham-dom (words she says that made me laugh)

Plaza Sham-dom " Like Gatesville but bigger and cleaner, but why is there a sign for no spitting?"
*I should mention at this point that her bruvva "M" was with, and man the conversation between us was ridiculous and funny. About one legged men, and gatesville.

Before leaving the plaza, we met fellow comedian Nqoba who is lank funny. But funnier still introducing them to him and have them say "Yeah I can't say your name"

We then motored across under the M1 bridge and drove through town all the way to Darkie Cafe because I love their complimentary ginger beer, which was to ginger-y for M but I loved it. The chicken wings was amazing and so was the decor, which made for the perfect photo-op for me and the Sham

Dont we look amazing? Anyhoo post our finger licking chicken winging, we parked at the Sci Bono centre and took a walk around ze block, passing the museum and Ko'spotong across Mary Fitzgerald square through the back parking of the market theatre and Sham took this amazing photo of some graffitti

Oh and the graffitti:

More amazing than my love of Joburg, was the amazing time I had with two amazing people.
I forgot what it was like to just hang out and not watch my words. Albeit the day started with a disclaimer of " You should know I am a bitch"

The braai was really really well done, courteousy of Sameer and it was the a spec fest except for Shoo's. She was amazing too, funny, smart and great company. All in all a 10/10 if this was the slamse version of come dine with me.

Then the guitar hero started. Saaleha  rocked out with Rammstein's Du Hast and we then rocked out to Bohemian Rhapsody and I kicked faranaaz's ass with Can't Touch this.

Oh and Sham, Nafisa , Zunaid and Jawad kicked butt on guitar.

Boom, twas EPIC. Ah Ma Gahd, I survived #shaminjhb

Oh wait one more from Nafisa


sham said…
Sham-dom? You telling me I'm mentally challenged? :P *grin* Also, shamepies, telling folk who don't know me to frack off! You should usher them in with nice words! one of them might turn out to be the luff of my laaahf! hehe. Thankye fer alles meisiekind :) HUGZH!
Aasia said…
Sham-dom (Sham+Wisdom) and lest we forget boob-lappie
Nafisa said…
A perfect evening!
I still can't think up a fitting caption for that last photo.
M Irfaan said…
pffft. no Chicken Licken, doesn't count.
Shummie said…
Well the only reason i was excluded from the spec fest was cos i was hiding them in my bag. i wanted to look like Jack Parrow... you know... nobody is cooler as ekke!!
Darkie Cafe? with more lighting than Elton John's boudouir? Riiiiiiiiight!!
BTW it's meeeeeeeee... Shooz...
Shummie is my other lesser used nickname...
And wen i say lesser used its because only one person uses it.
Aasia said…
Irfaan I told Sham and Mukhtar your Chicken Licken theory and escapade in Jozi. Fluit fluit, die storie is uit!

Shummie <3 I guess Darkie Cafe is an irony of sorts :)
Shummie said…
Ironeeeeeeeeeeeee! that was the word i was looking for and instead used an analogy hehe
Nafisa said…
What Chicken Licken theory?

Any why isn't my avatar showing?!

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