Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Confession: 6 Things about me, that you didn't know

I saw this post on Angels site I thought this might be great way to start blogging again.

1. I have never watched the matrix *hangs head*

I know I am such a weirdo and I actually crushed on Keanu for most of high school, I never understood the hype blue pill schmill  meh. I don't get it.

2. I enjoy Vampire Diaries/True Blood and Twilight

I * obviously* like my men translucent or I have a thing for the bad apples. Judge away

3. I don't like being touched

or I do but there's a level of discomfort for me as I am very ticklish

4. I'm actually very very quiet

I think I was ying and now I am yang. I prefer silence above almost any other sound these days. But I still crave the chaos of noise every once in a while. Which I give in to.

5 .Music moves me

 I don't just mean that it stirs emotion, I believe in giving in to emotion. So when I feel sad I listen to adele, because nothing expresses sadness quiet like her melancholic voice.

Belly Dancing music moves me too, the need to dance oblivious of the audience is very powerful and the ability to just let go and move [is something i don't get enough of]

6. I'm a give-up kinda girl

I give up very easily on myself. I start and put up a good fight. But I always end with a "Why Bother"

So there


sham said...

erkergerd. Kerrerts!
and you like twilight.
I judge you
with judgey eyes.

Aasia said...

I like twilight Sham, I dont love it. BEEEEG difference.