Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January Retrospective

January was a best of times and it was the worst of times.
Sounds a tad melodramatic but its true.

1. Losing stereotypes
I performed in Azaadville this passed weekend. While I do see why their call it the fourth holiest cities etc etc. The people were warm and welcoming and a laugh at themselves and me. I didn't know what a Kolvid was, I said I thought it was a biscuit (many laughs were had at this)

2. Losing habits

To say I have conquered my smoking habit doesn't even begin to describe the absolute happiness I feel at finally being free. I don't know what's made the difference this time. But even though I do sometimes feel the incredible urge to smoke from time to time. I am free.
*high fives self*

3. Losing Kg's

I have lost just over 5 kgs in the last month, bearing in mind 3 of us were gained because of #2, but still that's  10 bricks of butter that I am not carrying on my self any longer.

4. *Downstairs* health

Because of my PCOS i have always had issues with the regularity of most females. I am always accustomed to not getting my ladies business once a month. This month has been the worse and saw me visiting a gynae to have a small procedure done. ( I survived)

5. University
I am proud to announce that my niece is the first one on our family to attend University. I am so proud of her.

6. Operation move to CT
Is still going, just slowed down.

There was other stuff, the really bad stuff. But I will be grown up about it.Thats me.


Azra said...

*high five* for the quit smoking and losing the kgs - those aren't small feats in the least. Used to have similar issues - I hate gynaes. Congrats to your niece too. My O.C.T is very slow and pending mitigating factors. Lets see how we progress shall we :)
Overall - a proactive month, hat off.

Aasia said...

*yaysies* <- new word I heard. Hoping to be there by Dezember.

Thanks Azra