Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cape town and where I am at

This is me, on the balcony of the flat I live in, How friggin gorgeous is that view?
Also its going to be hard moving to the burbs when the time comes.

My first 2 weeks in Cape Town have been surreal and wonderful and scary, all at the same time.
The lead up to CT wasn't as great as I would have liked but we can't win at everything.

The weekend before I left, I met up with Azra and we had a fun few hours that Saturday, It was hot and I was so thirsty, the problem though, I left so late I couldn't see so well.

The sunday when my vision still hadn't cleared, I knew something was up. Finally on Monday I went to the doc, and he confirmed my worse fear, I was diabetic and my blood glucose had spiked to 29.6.
Anyone familiar with this illness knows I was 5 points short of a coma.

Anyhoo thats me, yin and yang all the damn time.

How are you?


Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

Scary jelly tots man!

Azra said...

Diabetes? So JHB gave you a parting ahem "gift" eh? Anyway, at least you know whats what. Take care of yourself!

Roshan said...

Lookie see who found your blog! That's scary, take care of yourself, all will happen in time.

Ridwan said...

My sista diabetes is a very controllable disease and a blessing in disguise.

I think you know I was diagnosed about five or so years ago even though I 'knew' before-hand after a doctor told me I was in the pre-diabetic range.

Well turns out being pre-diabetic is a lot like being a little pregnant.

AnyHowze, the blessing is that my diagnosis forced me to take better care. So I made a new friend and we been tight ever since - a treadmill.

The trick is to burn your glucose best you can and watch everything white - kinda like in the days of apartheid.

White flour and white derived carbs will kill ya and there you were thinking we had entered the non-racial food realm too.

Oh and forget drinking artificially sweetened sodas or fruit juices. In years to come we will have enough evidence to prove that fooling your body with sweeteners is like playing Russian roulette. The evidence is building that artificial sweeteners and low fat products have contributed significantly to the rise in diabetes - cancer too.

Embrace the diagnosis be proactive and live your life to the fullest despite - in fact forgo the treadmill and walk in the beautiful land of the DA but do your best to avoid the whites :0)