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100 Healthy Days Challenge

2014  was going to be the year I reinvented myself, and seems it still is.
After getting really ill last year and being diagnosed with diabetes I embarked on a plan to change my life and get unstuck.

while I have been eating better and getting exercising more, I needed a challenge something to push me and scare me.

So a friend decided maybe I should enter the impi challenge but how do I get from where I am now to a 12km obstacle race in October?

Well I Am Challenge

you know they say success is when preparation and opportunity meet? I have been given the opportunity to participate in their 3rd Challenge and stand in line of winning a cash prize for the transformation challenge (weight loss) which starts on the 1st of July 2014 if you're keen on joining me.

well i am 3  #WIA100HealthDays contestants have 100 healthy days to transform their bodies, their habits and their lives. What you put in is what you get out; the more you try, the more well i am rewards you.

well i am’s revolutionary approach to online wellness means formal before-and-after assessments (in comparison to the usual do-it-yourself style), and it does not conflict with any existing fitness challenges – online or other. well i am supports whatever fitness journey you are on with a unique and motivational online support system to get you closer to your goals. 

Find the rates and types of entries here

You can follow the challenge on these platforms:

Twitter: @welliamCHLG
Hashtag: #welliam

Contact well i am on:

Only thing left is to do pics and dischem assessment and find someone to help me get fit enough. Wish me luck and lets hope I look like a vamp by my birthday!


Emily Walsh said…
Hi Aasia, I came across your post and had a quick question. I was hoping you could email me when you get the chance, thanks! - Emily

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