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Dreamlifes Quiz

So while I have been on a downer of note these last few months.
Dreamlife asked me to complete the questionnaire below

1. Why did you start your blog and does it fulfill that purpose.

I wanted to have a voice online, specifically because finding someone I could relate to was so hard. In hopes that someone else stuck between things would find something they could relate to.

I don't know if it fulfills that purposed anymore, and more just a soap box that I can let things out.

2. Whats your favourite post of all time. (your own work please)
a reminder of who I wanted to be.

3. If you could meet 3 people living or dead who would they be.

- My great great great great grandfather on my dads side, An Afghani pathan who found himself in SA and kidnap a norwegian woman and made her his wife. - I need the full story

- Then my  great grandfather mom side, who was an off the boat indian from Surat who took a khoi second wife, the family made no effort to maintain contact and would have loved to hear the whole story (My grandmom was bipolar and had given him permission to take a second wife, no one thought it would be a black woman)

- my grandfather (the real Nasser Miller) who had in total 11 wives and we didn't know about him until he passed away (step grandad had his rules) Why 11?

4. If I could change any event from your past would you.
Both days my parents died, part of me wished I could have been there. But I believe it happened the way it was set out.

5. How did you kick one of your bad habits?

Smoking, eventually went cold turkey, when a holiday with friends, meant I couldn't smoke around them. I hated the trip from start to finish, got home, bought a 20 dunhill menthol. smoked 3 in succession, and hated that i was controlled by a habit.

6. Name one cause/issue that you feel deserves greater awareness in todays world.

Seeing to our elderly both in our homes and outside. Forgetting the wisdom and the joy and the honour in seeing to them

7. If you had one month off with no responsibilities. What would you do.
Probably swim and sleep and go into nature reserves.

8. Whats the best piece of advice you've ever received
Help because you can

9. Where would be your ultimate place to live and why
Somewhere tropical, where the water is warm and abundance of fruit.

10. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why
a dolphin I supposed, water, social

11. When you're dead and gone, whats the one thing you'd want people to say about you or your life.
She was always smiling and willing to help.


Dreamlife said…
Thanks for doing this. Colourful family history I see :)

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