Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 5 things I love

Nafisa and I both did July lists and she beat me to the punch for August.

 After 6 months of renovation both inside and outside. 
My favourite room in the house has to be the lounge/dining room purely for the colour choice
Its Plascon cool spring and the pictures by Jeanette

Another wonderful addition to my "artwork collection" from the easel of  Shameema. I love the colours
and she doesn't . (Terrible picture, I apologise it doesn't do the colours justice)

Finally a plus size section worth noting!! Yes there aren't many items, but a big jump from the old, "ouma" clothing available most places. You have no idea how long I have agonised this point.
Mr Price Online not only did it make shopping for my Eid clothes stress free. The Easy user interface and speedy delivery will make me come back. These are 2 of the 5 items I bought online. And they fit PERFECTLY

Although you can be bombarded with notifications, I saw some really stunning pics

Mukhtar has his blog up and running, and have made 2 of the recipes which seem flop proof.

So that's my list for August. 


sham said...

ah mah gadzorz! never said I didn't like the colours. I love the colours. purple and green rule..its the PICTURE that I fight with :P But as long as you loves it, I'm as happy as a samoosa at boekatime, a daltjie with some dipping sauce, a mini pizza hot from the oven...mmmmm...wait. what was I saying? Oh yes, I am much honoured. HUGZ!

Aasia said...

haha thanks. Now to figure how to hang it *scratches head*

sham said...

gaspo! And still you have not edited the post to reflect the truth! that I am not averse to the colours! woe are I!
*avoiding doing her roughs because ye gads! i have no more powerrrrr!*