Friday, August 31, 2012

Oppression Olympics

Whats the flavour of the month? What cause has everyone triled about.
There are more people being oppressed than ever before. And not just based on religion or culture

One of the blogs I follow a little miss Ragen Chastain speaks about Anti-Obesity being the new homophobia. And it got me thinking

How easy it is for people to actually make fun of fat people. Take away bigger issues of the world and focus for once on individuals. I dont mean become selfish - but you know what I feel oppressed most days

I am fat, I am a pavement special, no pure bred here. I come from a disadvantaged background all thats missing is my homosexual orientation. I know Ricky Gervais makes mention that comparing some ones weight issues to a sexual orientation is like a gay man being weaned onto c**k.

But its not about that, its the attitude others have that its OK toColour Bash, Culture Bash, Gay Bash or Fat Bash or Jewish Bash for that matter. To think you can make fun of other people.  Which is mean, the odler I get the more prominent it becomes.

And people dont see this as an issue, one of my friends gtalk status said this morning "Fat People are harder to kidnap"

And every day I am exposed to some sort of snickering or some looks of disgust. I am a big girl and I got fat, but fat runs in the family (Ironic I know) But I was never going to be built like a Victoria Secret Model but I dont want to look like a brick house either.

I wonder if we laugh at addicts too? Haha look at him addicted to cocaine - ahah you're so gonna die dude" <- see nothing about this is in good taste.

So before we start the oppression olympics just remember one thing - Go screw yourself for assuming you can judge people and secondly. Think about your failures and your mistakes and hope to God no one finds out and mocks you.

People are stupid and deserve rocks thrown at them!

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Azra said...

I hate people who make fun of others - read that: HATE. Especially because you'll find that the ones making fun of others are quite fugly themselves - not only in terms of looks but in personality to. They aren't anywhere near the Brad Pitts of this world or whatever Brad's female equivalent is.

I lose weight, pick it up, lose more... pick up more... it never ends. And the older I get the easier it piles on, and the harder it is to lose and the less I care about it all.

When I hit 30, I thought "f@#$ it", if I'm going to be anything, I'm going to do it because I WANT TO. I've recently gained more weight (because I'm gluten intolerant but that don't mean I gave up the bread see - not yet anyway). And this time, instead of obsessing about it like I usually do, I'm just brushing it off. My health bothers me now - screw everyone else.