Tuesday, February 13, 2018

shaking old memories lose

Last week, the ghadat opened a memory box that I had almost forgotten. While its made me pretty sad, I can't help and marvel at how far I have come.

The memory box was a little sketchy, in that it plays bits and pieces that overlap and blur and still cut like knives.

So poor.

When I tell people that I grew up poor and still have that mentality, I don't think they understood. Not that I ever explained it.

But after my dad has his toe amputated for gangrene. we didn't have much money. I remember exchanging cool drink bottles for cash for veggies to cook.

So poor, that when I was in agony because of teeth issues, the thing I remember was it was cheaper to extract than fix (fix meant multiple visits - that we couldn't afford.)

So poor that I cleaned my cousins house for money (she was a year younger than me)

look at me, Ms Digital Marketer with her own car, and poor person metality and look at how far you've come.

I never want to forget again.

I remain under a dark cloud, and the melancholy remains.

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Dave said...

I just want to wrap you up in great big hugs and affirmations of your power and progress. Money is troublesome. Without it, we struggle, and then we focus so much on it that we lose sight of other critical connections, to friends, family, our past and the future. A poverty mindset is so hard to escape, please let me know once you figure out how to do it, I could use your guidance.