In the land of thin, the stick is king

And the rest of us sizeable creatures are anomalies. I am

I had some pics taken yesterday with my friends and noticed that not only am I larger but the size difference is really big!

I am not at a point where I can write unemotionally or unbiased about my looks and weight. But although there is still much venom, disdain and venom reflected at my image from me. I can't help but note that my friends love me enough to support me as is, and not a perception of what others want to see.

More importantly I have fun with them and they dona't judge me.

Thanks to Jenty for the pics.
Thanks to Bumpy for the tutu's! They are amazing
To Kellen , Zahira, Denielle, Nafisa and Red John 

So happy 30th old hag! you look utterly ridiculous  and totally happy!

Guess which one I am? [yes, the bitch ruling the roost!]


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