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All hail the Islamic EFT

I have been following the MJC debate regarding Orion with the same sort of fascination as some one driving past an accident on the road.

I believe I am going to see something horrendous but in most cases there is usually one distraught person in shock and angry commuters stuck in traffic give them judgy eyes for daring to have a bumper bashing on an already over crowded highway. I digress.

I am usually on the forefront of Halaal bashing, and that includes Muslims, their stupidity, forwarded emails and recent spate of BBM broadcasts.

Now give me my moment to to sermonise on my soap box because I have had it with self entitled muslims who think it's ok to throw money at everything and expect it to work.

These are my EFT muslims. I bitched to Nafisa about this in November last year. Never willing to be active citizens but always prepared to donate that R100 towards something else.

"Here's my money, but please don't fucking bore me with all these details about poor people and desitute neighbors and what not" <- This , this right here is the problem with the South African community.

Much akin to the sell-out Dubians. It might be shiny mofo's but its no less KAK.

Now the MJC has pretty much been left to the own devices for far too long and has not progressed in about 50 years. And are definitely not Y2K compliant. I have bitched about it's archaic methods and lack of involvement in every day life, most muslims are participating in.

Here's the kicker though, I have done FUCK-ALL to change this. I have not involved myself or added to the running of ANY of these muslim organisations. I have tried though in smaller ways. Most times I m met with lazy activitism of once again throwing money at things that seem like a good idea at the time but serve absolutely no one.

Now if every other 30 year old muslims [University Educated] I know, loudly proclaims that they want nothing to do with Islamic Istitutions. Makes you wonder, if we are not helping run these organisations.


The MJC one of the oldest bodies is being fitnah'd about, Slandered, insulted as a daily occurrence on the interwebs and calling for it to be removed. Hold the Phone bitches

My issues are these:

Number one, these are actual people running these organisations and are being funded from the pittance you donate to a large extent. They work fucking hard to get the little that they do and you have the audacity to take his rizq from him. FUCK YOU Lazy muslims

Number 2: You get what you fucking pay for.
Yes you heard me, sub standard payments get sub standard work. Would you do everything expected of you and you get a salary of R1000 a month? No you fucking wouldn't

Deborah Patta is the devil, sent to the muslims through an Israeli Plot.
All I can say to this: Lay off the hashish bitches, it's fucking with your mind.

Every muslim is to blame for the shit the MJC finds themselves in. WE, you and I, CHOSE not to get involved. So we may have tasted the forbidden bacony bits. Get over it. [Probably tasted like Chicken]

Its all about the intention, if we believed it to be Halaal and consumed it. Short of God coming down and saying " Aasia that is pork, do not partake or I shall smite thee" it's probably ok.

Gods out there dealing with Aids and World hunger and you bickering about Halaal statusses of muslim businesses.
Anyone who doubts muslim establishments should just eat at home.

As for me, I will gladly continue servicing MJC certified Halaal business. Because I trust the system more than a silly individual.

And you lot, loud moronic Muslims, either get involved or shut the fuck up.


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