Monday, July 30, 2012

My Tom Yum

So Mukhtar started his blog about 3 weeks ago. I know this because so far he is pacing himself with blogging and sticking to one post a week. Anyhoo

I decided to try his Tom Yum Soup Recipe sans cherry tomatoes, as my mom can't really have any, but I did cheat and use a bit of tomato paste. 

I thought it would be pretty complicated, but it wasn't. The end result was pretty spectacular, and the pot was empty. So Kudos to M for making thai so easy. And Nafisa also decided to do it, with pretty awesome results.

Bon appetit!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dark Knight Rises with the Ramadaan Moon

Almost every muslim that I know has an opinion or a plan on how to be dealing with this, with a good article on MuslimMatters about it. 

My very quick 2 cents, in no particular order and on no particular side.

  • If you watch TV during Ramadaan, then why is a cinema any different
  • You could absolutely wait.
  • You could go watch it at a Casino ( and be very surprised with the amount of muslims on the slot machines)
  • If you waiting to watch it after Ramadaan, and you're agonising about it at first taraweeh, and cannot contain your excitement about Ramadaan ending. Rather just go watch it when it releases and get it over with. Because you lose not only 2h45mins, you lose all the blessings, because you're never really paying attention in the first place.
Peace out

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July: 5 Things I love

Stole this meme from Nafisa who listed her 5 things earlier this week.

1.) The colour purple.

In the last two weeks, I bought gloves, a scarf and gown in this glorious shade

2.) Butternut Soup

This soup has to be my pick for winter, from the woolies variety, to the cardamom infused option from from M that I had in Cape Town. My fav way of having still with a dollop of cream, spinkle of spring onion and a piece of Feta.

3.) Living close to work

Before moving out my trip to and from work was 98kms a day, my new place is so close. I wake up two hours later than usual.

4.) Photoshoots - They're like my version of a jumping castles and awesome playmates

5) Confidence

So I figured out, that I know stuff. Important businessy stuff, and that I am awesome.
I have never felt so sure about my skills, than I am right now... tonight...well while typing this out...atleast.

Peace out. Let me know your 5 things.

Monday, July 9, 2012

5 year introspection

I think I have been in a rut for the last five years. I know this because everything seemed dull.
Things I enjoyed doing, food, dance, art everything.

5 years ago I lost my dad, and almost all my efforts were spent trying to fill the gap he has left, in my life, my home, my family and my mind.

I think I have pretended for far too long that it was I was ok. That is was ok to miss him and to get over him. My entire life took a nose dive, my love of dancing, swimming and the outdoors were sweet but left me with a bitter after taste. And I think I have spent these last years pretending that it was fine, that I was fine and that all these things, was proof that I was maturing and changing.

I look at my life now, and after feeling disappointed again, I needed to figure out when I stopped caring about me, my joys and my passions. And I stopped caring when he died. Not feeling was so much better than dealing with the excruciating pain and loss of losing someone so pivotal in my life. 

Of course I tried moving on, and "living" and I look at the colossal fuck ups I ended up making. The painful growing up because I expected people(family,friends and men) to care more about me and the hurt I experienced when they didn't. How could they care for someone so broken? Who couldn't even experience real love and real friendship and who seems to self sabotage herself at every step!

I focussed on things which didn't require affection. And then I moved to C, and for once I thought this was a company, a career path that would finally substantiate my existence. I found unexpected friendships and saw almost the best of humanity. For the first time in years, I began to HOPE. But this time, I believed and loved and I got screwed over. 

Now I have to deal with the loss and pain of it. And potentially that of a friend. Also maybe even unrequited love.