Monday, July 30, 2012

My Tom Yum

So Mukhtar started his blog about 3 weeks ago. I know this because so far he is pacing himself with blogging and sticking to one post a week. Anyhoo

I decided to try his Tom Yum Soup Recipe sans cherry tomatoes, as my mom can't really have any, but I did cheat and use a bit of tomato paste. 

I thought it would be pretty complicated, but it wasn't. The end result was pretty spectacular, and the pot was empty. So Kudos to M for making thai so easy. And Nafisa also decided to do it, with pretty awesome results.

Bon appetit!


Nafisa said...

Damn, I want more :-( It was just soooo good!

Mukhtar Dharsey said...

you make me want to make now! damn u!