Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July: 5 Things I love

Stole this meme from Nafisa who listed her 5 things earlier this week.

1.) The colour purple.

In the last two weeks, I bought gloves, a scarf and gown in this glorious shade

2.) Butternut Soup

This soup has to be my pick for winter, from the woolies variety, to the cardamom infused option from from M that I had in Cape Town. My fav way of having still with a dollop of cream, spinkle of spring onion and a piece of Feta.

3.) Living close to work

Before moving out my trip to and from work was 98kms a day, my new place is so close. I wake up two hours later than usual.

4.) Photoshoots - They're like my version of a jumping castles and awesome playmates

5) Confidence

So I figured out, that I know stuff. Important businessy stuff, and that I am awesome.
I have never felt so sure about my skills, than I am right now... tonight...well while typing this out...atleast.

Peace out. Let me know your 5 things.

1 comment:

Nafisa said...

Love butternut soup too! Was served a spicy version at some event I went to once, it was the tastiest version I've ever had. Wish I knew how to duplicate it... or shoulda asked what spice went in.

Nice list :)