Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dark Knight Rises with the Ramadaan Moon

Almost every muslim that I know has an opinion or a plan on how to be dealing with this, with a good article on MuslimMatters about it. 

My very quick 2 cents, in no particular order and on no particular side.

  • If you watch TV during Ramadaan, then why is a cinema any different
  • You could absolutely wait.
  • You could go watch it at a Casino ( and be very surprised with the amount of muslims on the slot machines)
  • If you waiting to watch it after Ramadaan, and you're agonising about it at first taraweeh, and cannot contain your excitement about Ramadaan ending. Rather just go watch it when it releases and get it over with. Because you lose not only 2h45mins, you lose all the blessings, because you're never really paying attention in the first place.
Peace out

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