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Eldorado Park the hood that couldn't

Everyone and their mother will now have an opinion on what is happening in Eldos and wether or not its actually as bad as it seems.

For as long as I can remember I have had to stand up for my hometown and convince people I didn't live in Baghdad Ext12. We had no drive-bys and other criminal activities.

I am not sure if I have been living under a rock, or if I disassociated a long time ago.  Recently Eldos has been in the press for all the wrong reasons. Death, Torture, Crime,Drugs almost every evil thing that has come to mind.

These issues are real and if I could have moved out I think I would and will. Not because I don't care, but because it gets tougher and tougher to remain. Loud drunken parties by neighbors who spare no thought to anyone but their good times. Cars racing down the road at break neck speeds. Absolute chaos of the festive and Easter Seasons. Openly drinking with your parents in front of your homes. Drag racing.

Everyone talks about the drugs and are eager to point out external forces/reason/people as the reason the scourge has brought Eldos to its knees.  However I want to add some balance to that. As someone who was born under apartheid and grew up in 94 and the golden years that followed. We were denied nothing, and allowed everything. We trashed all those conservative notions of neighbors looking out for your kids, and a sense of decency. Suddenly it was cool to have house parties, and while you said, " F%#k that to the neighbor" and proceeded to get drunk and party - we lost something vital. We lost our ability to balance. Our good Christian and Muslim folk would rather complain to like minded neighbors than risk complaining to the party people (Even if it was out of fear)

Years ago, I was involved in a project with SASVO and UNISA and we shown how black and coloured people were controlled by alchohol and good times. Not much has changed. We still have addiction to substance or more to the point substance abuse. Until we are prepared to make the correlations between our bad choices (Free & Dom), access to alcohol and the creation of the perfect environment for drugs to infiltrate and take over. We will go nowhere slowly. <- Did apartheid end for all of us.

Most people here have lost their jobs and have opened house shops, anything to make a living. Bad conditions, idle hands and a feeling that the world has forgotten you. Suddenly that old refrain starts playing in your head " We weren't white enough, now we're not black enough" or better yet,"these foreigners steal our jobs and our women" People will find reasons. Life for most here is bleak.

Not even 12 hours after the President Zuma's visit to Eldos, the M&G have already shifted the focus from nasty drug riddled Eldos to electioneering. (So they can presumably talk about how they called it first)[Could have used that power for good and drive a change, but ratings is everything]

I know this if the ANC does ACTUALLY manage to do something in Eldo's, I will pledge my vote. Eldos hates to admit it, we have always been DA Wards; and we have nothing to show for it.
They will tell you about how the ANC cockblocks for budget. And this is how Eldo's became "the town that time forgot". Our politicians have been too busy blaming one another, that every one forgot to pay attention.

We are tired of living at the mercy of Drug peddlers, Abusers, and crime. Any Political Party worth its salt, would make a move  on Eldos now. If it is electioneering they want, they will have to up the ante and bring results.

Aluta Continua
Die storie gaan aan!


Azra said…
The problem is that as long as people are poor and there's nothing for anyone to gain, in the long run, nothing changes.

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