Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Savour Sizzle of Mozambique

Last night I got to taste a little Mozambique. Sheena gracefully accomodated me when asked if I too could attend her twitter table she was hosting.

Man, there is nothing more delicious than well prepared prawns - when they can be found [ We couldn't find the prawns in the buffet and when I asked where the prawns were, the waiter responded with "under the sea"]He did it with such a dead pan face I couldn't stop laughing.

However Chef Benny of Masterchef fame, made sure that I got freshly prepared prawns as compensation for having to look for them.

The service was fast and efficient, the company was warm and funny, and my food was amazing.
I got to eat muscles,barracuda, red snapper, prawns and the most delish lobster tails I have ever had. 
Not bad for a R290 price tag eh? This taste experience is available until the 9th of May. Click here for bookings
Please also note of all the above fish, I have never eaten lobster,muscles, or even barracuda *ooh barracuda*

Thanks to Chris for being my plus one


Sheena, Kirsty, Chris,  & Dale

Chef B

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