Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I am always wanting to write long and meaningful posts like some of the blogs I follow.
But i dont seem to have the ability to story tell quite like they do, skilled writers who can spin yarns and make magic out of typed words and sing songy sentences that leave you in an imagintive snare

But i dont have that and its cool

There is a lot I am good at, and this isnt one of those times.

Everyone keeps asking me what I have been upto, and Im not sure really if its worth repeating, but i hate inane convos but i hate evasive answers even more so

So I get stuck between wanting to be honest and not wanting to bore everyone into oblivion

  1. Gym -  I gym almost 7 days a week or walk the Promenade, Newlands Forrest and once to tokai forrest and maybe attempt the pipe track again soon, unless there is an actual plan being made but yeah. Trying to get strong because I have committed to competing in the Impi in October 2014. So I dont want to kak, die or injure myself badly. Also being diagnosed diabetic I have tried to make better choices and get strong so that I can say I did everything to turn my life around and be the best version of me.
  2. Thikr/Mozlum stuff - as a seeker that I currently am, I dont want to alienate people with my excessive muslimness, and so i tend to shy away from this one completely (its not others business)
  3. Dance: while battling with the point above, i try to balance it out by dancing between salaah times, because the rebelious streak in me is strong yo.
  4. Home: after 6 years of living qith family, I have my own space, and I am a little possesive over it, so I spend shed loads of time just sitting there and zoming out <- best thing I have learnt to do
  5. Yoga - Holy shit, I am that girl -[Een sous sally] it has changed my life but am loving it
  6. Wishful shopping - browsing the interwebs for amazing furniture, creating fantastic rooms and deco and then closing the page because I am broke
  7. Series - Currently on black list, prob starting person of interest, so ya
Epic moments bru!

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Azra said...

Well its nice to know that you're ok and that you have your "me" time :)