Saturday, December 22, 2012

Things I learnt in 2012

Not everyone you meet should be regarded as a friend.
I got way too emo this year. (Death, Breakups,Drama)
I have to love myself

Ex-boyfriends should remain that exactly. Ex
Good friends are hard to come by.
My love affair with Joburg has ended. Its time to leave.

Family is Gods blessing and His biggest joke.
It should be enough to love your work without loving your location.

Being honest about your mistakes, I have had many of these this year.
No amount of money replaces good conversations.

Genuine friendships take hard work and lots of understanding.
To the amazing trips, CT, CT,KwaManzi,Warmbaths, CT and Magalies
To Sham, Nafisa and Sam for the lessons, laughs and comments.
Sameer,Sham and Nafisa for helping me make the tough decisions.

To you who stood by me, in what can only be described as a tough year. Thank you for making it bearable. For helping me laugh again and for believing in me when i couldn't do so myself.
From the bottom of my heart I am thankful

For those who are no longer in my life, thank you for the hard learned lessons. Painful and gutting.
But another step on the journey of my life.


sham said...


Azra said...

I dreamt of you in my psychic fashion. Twice. And now I know why... this line:

"My love affair with Joburg has ended. Its time to leave"

Sharing the exact sentiment, and told at least three different people the exact same thing in the last week. To a better 2013!

Aasia said...

Hey Azra, will add your dream to my dodgy pile. Dreamt about bricks last night. Can't' even understand. But yes, to 2013 :)

Nafisa said...

Getting around to my google reader.

Always here for you!