Monday, April 22, 2013

Love and other stupidities

Why is it when we care about someone our lives tend to revolve around them. Even in the tiniest bits.

I am no longer an angsty teen or a hormone crazed school leaver.

The ex has shown up again 3 times now post op. (15 March) and its been fun hanging out at home. Watching tv, chatting. Like a real life relationship without the perks.

He has also just moved back home and survived a horrid divorce.
he was the dude everyone in highschool wanted, sexy, smart and funny.

14 years post highschool and he makes me feel giddy and exciting.

I hope this leads to something meaningful and not justa Mr right now.

As for other stupidities. MY name is Aasia- which means I fuck up all the time.
[when i say fuck up, I mean make mistakes, fall, break stuff and accident prone. GRowing up my nickname was broken Sara]


Azra said...

We make mistakes to learn the lessons and all that other crap.

I'm holding all duimpies and index fingers for you! Oh and I know exactly what you mean. I hate being a woman sometimes *eye roll*

Lady T said...

I have this real ugly knack in believing in "true love". So on that front I'm saying: Yay, and I hope it all works out for you.
On the other more logical brained thought pattern, I say...let it go, where it must.