Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ramadaan... eh?

I know its Ramadaan and everyone will talk about the closeness, the pause the resetting of the soul.

I fear this Ramadaan its lost on me. While I am thankful to have made it, I have been tested.

And for my moms health alone i should be greatful and fall down on my knees. Which I have done
over and over. When I thought she wouldn't make it this time.

But without sounding to dramatic - I am bereft of meaning so far this Ramadaan. A mutual friend told me to "Keep on keepin' on"

Its easy when your life is cool and you can dictate your work and hours. Trying to find a spiritual centre in the middle of a traffic jams and deadlines. I am out of sync with the dance steps.


dreamlife said...

Perhaps you shouldn't focus on expectations, then. Don't worry about how you're SUPPOSED to be feeling all spiritual etc, but rather just do a little extra in your deen each day, and ask Allah to multiply that and make it your own personal means of taking maximum benefit from the month - even if it's far less than what you would have otherwise hoped for yourself.

I think one of the biggest ways to do this, aside from actual formal acts of worship, is through good character and behaviour with others. Character is such a huge thing in Islam, and even if we fall short in so many of the ritualistic things, if we have good character, we're already in pretty good shape (though we should still strive to improve in the other sides too).

Azra said...

This year has brought on other challenges (that I haven't really had before). InshaAllah, no matter what happens, your efforts will be accepted. It's not to late for this to turn around ;)