Tuesday, September 4, 2012

5 things I love September!

Yes people of the cyber space, tis September and new beginnings for all us southern folk
Spring is spring-y and the countdown to le birthday begins.

I am 31 this year, when did I become an upstanding member of society?
Anyway, I get birthdays aren't big for most people, but for me, I love them.

Once a year I get to high-five myself for still being around and not completely messing up my life.

Its also a reminder that is all my brothers birthdays too. Me 22, bro 23,bro 26 bro 27.
So I usher in the summer with my familia and a camping trip.

Anyway onto the 5 things I love:

Weekend getaways

Firstly there is nothing quite like waking up in a new place and the absolutel quiet of the bush.
2- Having friends that support you and allow you to get a lil crazy

 3- Nespresso, I liked them before, but Nafisa brought hers on our outing and I fell inlove with it.

4. My family. I can't capture them all, so just one of a bazillion that I have

5. My Birthday

Nuff said


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Love this list :-)

Azra said...

I should try that Nespresso :)