Thursday, September 6, 2012

My day so far

This morning started out cold and blustery, and for once my sinusitis was at ease.
Got to work in record time and had been merrily chugging along.

At lunch, I decided to get Nandos and offered to do an office Nandos run.
Anyhoo, order placed and off I went, more chugging all the way to Epsom Downs

Now I have been in a relatively good mood all day and was enjoying being out of the office, when I noticed a car with two old ladies waiting for a parking spot, right up against the store. Nothing significant or out of place and then as they start pulling into the parking.

Young little cow who had been waiting for them to turn into the parking, loses her patience and
takes the parking from them.

The older women, found another parking spot and while I was paying I noticed all 3 women come into the store. Standing behind me in the queue was the young girl and behind her the two old ladies.
This is what happens
The older lady taps the young girl and says to her " You took our parking that was rude"
Young girl flips her the bird and turns around
Old Woman: You know you're very rude" as she taps her while saying this
Young girl loses her shit " stop fucking assaulting me! if you touch me again Im going to fuck you up"
Old Women both look very shocked and bluster "you shouldn't say things like that"
Young girl lifts her hand to slap the old lady, I grab her hand and say" This is unneccesary, calm down"
Young Girl - YG Old Lady -OL , Me
YG: this isn't your business you fat cow
Me: laughs (embarrased) call me what you like, but you can't hit the woman
YG: everyone saw her assault me, she did it twice
Me: No, she tapped you and you were horrible to her.
YG: I dont care what you think I will slap you too
[YG tries to slap me, and I swat her hand away]
Me: Dont let the fat fool you, I will hurt you
YG: Fuck you, coloured cow go back to where you came from
Me: I came from Bryanston
Old man, who had been watching this whole thing go down says to young girl
"If you dont leave now I am calling the police"
YG : Call the police these women (Points to me and Old women) were assaulting me
OM -" No they weren't, you almost hit that old women, you should eb ashamed of yourself"
YG: Fuck you too then
At which point most of the patrons got up and started telling her to leave and that she should be ashamed of her self.
I got my pita and the office orders and left.
While eating, I thought the Young girl is exactly whats wrong with our country, while people are fighting for faster internet and better bank charges, our young people have lost our dignity.
The other patrons though, showed me, that our people will stand up for whats right.

For the record, both the young girl and old women were indian, the old man was white, the other patrons were black.

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Azra said...

Generally, I'm anti-violence.

But I still believe that *some* people need a good hiding. Like that young girl. Maybe if she got the shit beaten out of her at some stage in her life, she'd think a hundred times before lifting her hands for anyone else.