Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Mothers child

I looked across the table where she sat and saw bits of myself I never wanted to recognise.
 I see parts of me staring back that I KNOW she gave me.
"Smile, its Sadaqah"she says - I do
"Forgive because its easier than bearing pain" - I try
"Don't hold onto things when they aren't yours" - I must admit to it.
"Don't believe you know better than God" - I submit.
I look across the table at the wrinkles that soften loving eyes and the trembling hands that hide a secret strength.
At a love- so robust - it fills my senses and makes me believe.
Your mother three times and then your father
Love,Forgive and Cherish and Protection.
 I am my mothers child, and my fathers daughter. Flaws and Flowers flow through me with a grace I am unsure of.

I bow my head in contrition and she,with shakey hands, lifts.
Tut-tuts me and says "enough." "Alles sal reg kom"


sham said...

lovely post poppet :)

Azra said...

where would we be without mama bears eh? She's right :)

Aasia said...

Thanks Sham and Azra.